Where Outlaws Gather.

New Works From RWK

RWK ArtRoyal Wade Kimes has been busy in his studio, not only writing songs but authoring new and exciting books as well as completing a series of artwork that bring joy and fond memories to those involved.ghost town

Each year, RWK celebrates those riders that have completed five years on the Mt Royal Trail Ride by presenting a personally-designed and specially-made belt buckle commemorating this accomplishment. This year, in addition to the buckle, the 40+ 2012 fifth year-riders were honored by RWK in original artwork. The likenesses, the time invested and sheer magnitude of this undertaking are amazing and a true indication of Wade’s gratitude and appreciation for “his” trail riders. The folks that continue to participate in the Mt Royal Trail Ride and Concert charity events each year are a testament to cowboys and girls everywhere — gracious, giving, and a lust for a life like no other!

To get your own print, please visit our General Store or contact us at 615-351-3167 to order.

RWK has released the sequel to his audio book, “Braver Man”, titled “A Braver Man’s Ghost Town”.  This is his fourth book and promises to be every bit as exciting as the others! Wade has several more books in the pipeline, and they are only getting better! We look forward to reading…and listening to…ALL of his books.

Please be sure and visit booksinmotion.com to get your copy of RWK’s latest audio book, “A Braver Man’s Ghost Town”. You won’t be sorry!  Read the review here.

5th yr rider pic 85th yr rider pic 75th yr rider pic 65th yr rider pic 55th yr rider pic 4   5th yr rider pic 35th yr rider pic 1

One response

  1. sarah flanagan summerall

    wow, i am so impressed and proud of you!!

    October 21, 2013 at 6:57 pm

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