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The Second Annual Spring Trail Ride

Mount Royal Trail Ride is the most exciting and family feeling ride of all rides.
Time: September 29th through October 4th

Arrive: 29th of September and ride through October 3rd. The 2nd and 3rd are the longer rides.
Trail Riders leave morning of 4th.
If arriving on the 1st and riding the 2nd and 3rd only – price is 190.00 – party of 4 or more 185.00
Riding & camping the week add 60.00 per trailer
Open pen rentals 10.00 per panel while they last
Non-refundable deposit of 95.00 except for bereavement.
All deposits must be in by September 2nd. Deposit reserves trailer campsite and spot on ride. Generators advised as there are no hookups yet.
Picket lines available
We ask that all hay brought to campsite be weed free.
Hay will be available 2nd and 3rd.
Plenty of water available for horses.
Porta Johns and wash basins provided at campsite.
Short rides are one and a half to two hours. Friday and Saturday rides are 3 to 4 hours and start no later than 9 a.m.
Continental breakfast served early Friday & Saturday morning before ride, snacks & beverages at rest stop. Lunch served when arriving back to camp. Dinner served Friday and Saturday night. Thursday Night has become a tradition for trail riders to have dinner at the Chester Café between five and six p.m.
There will be campfire shows, and buckle awards plus a full band concert Saturday night under a large tent for finale.
Vendors on site – Buckaroo Hatters, CSI Pads and more.
Coffee throughout the week for riders each morning.

The Second Annual Spring Trail Ride is June 2nd through June 6th
Trail Riders leave on 7th

Riders arriving on the 2nd or 3rd can start riding the following day. The rides are one and half, to two hours long except for the Friday or Saturday ride, which depends on weather, it is 3 to 4 hours. Long ride leaves no later than 9 a.m.
175.00 per rider plus 60.00 per camping trailer. Four or more in party 170.00 each.
If arriving the 4th and riding 5th and 6th – 175.00 per rider. Four or more in party 170.00 each.
Generators advised.
Porta Johns with wash basins provided.
Plenty of water for horses provided.
Picket lines for horses and open pen rentals 10.00 per panel.
Continental Breakfast Friday and Saturday.
Lunch Friday
Saturday Continental breakfast, lunch, dinner and campfire show.
Bring your own weed free hay.


Royal Wade Kimes only endorses and puts his stamp of approval on companies with great integrity and superior quality products.

Check out endorsement links below

Starlinebrass – “made with pride in the USA.” Maker of the nation’s finest brass for reloading ammunition

CSI Pads

Buckaroo Hatter
America’s top custom hat maker

Taylor’s & Company Firearms

Merry Christmas and God bless you

I love this time of year. Celebrating Christ’s birth brings friends and families together at the end of the year that sometimes haven’t seen each other since the last Christmas. It’s reminiscent of when they gathered to see the New Born King, for there was joy and hope for the world.
Merry Christmas and God bless you.

Royal Wade, Nancy and Wonderment Records.


Royal Wade Kimes and CSI Pad Company Partner Up

The Gentleman Outlaw Royal Wade Kimes and CSI Pad Company based in Missouri partner up with an endorsement deal. Owner Donna Saddoris pictured with Royal Wade. A CSI quality pad is being designed and plans for production are being discussed for 2015. The pad is called the “Gentleman Outlaw.” Stay tuned for a press release with more detail.


Music On The Mountain Concert

Music on the Mountain Concert 2014

Directions to Mount Royal Trail Ride for trail riders .
 If going east or west on I-40 take the Alma exit I-49 (formerly I-540) north to the Chester Exit. Turn right and go through Chester, turn left across the railroad tracks and stay on pavement for 6 miles, do not turn until you are at the end of the pavement, then turn slight left on “Kimes Tower Road” which is a dirt road and stay on it for a mile and a half to eight tenths. The Base Camp is on your left beside the road.  There will be signs as well.
If coming from the north on I-49 (formerly I-540) take the Chester Exit. and follow above directions.
Directions for concert
 Those going to the concert on the 4th go through Chester, turn left across the RR tracks and follow the pavement to the top of the mountain six miles. When the pavement ends you are there. Concert on the left. You will see the giant tent. There will be signs showing the way.

Cattle Baron’s Stockyard

Own your very oStockyard Printwn numbered and signed print of Royal Wade Kimes’  original artwork, the 1800’s Cattle Baron’s Stockyard with … not sure how many? …cowboys hidden in the work!

To get your personal print, call 615-351-3167 to order! Be sure to ask about the cattle industry members discount!!



‘Gentleman Outlaw’ Royal Wade Kimes and Buckaroo Hatters Sign Full Endorsement

Buckaroo Hatters: www.buckaroohatters.com

America’s most popular Cowboy Country & Western Recording Artist Royal Wade Kimes, and the Nation’s top premiere hat maker ‘Buckaroo Hatters’ have joined forces in full endorsements. ‘The Gentleman Outlaw’ Royal Wade Kimes and band wore custom made Buckaroo Hats as they descended upon the streets of Covington Tennessee to shoot street side publicity and music band shots. Kimes and his band ‘The Packin’ Iron Posse’ played live acoustic numbers inside Buckaroo Hatters shop, while the cameras were rolling, catching rare one on one moments. Kimes has written platinum and gold records for Garth Brooks, Diamond Rio, Gene Watson and others, and has recorded twelve albums garnering multiple number one singles. He has appeared on the cover of True West Magazine, Horseman’s Roundup, and was featured in Country Weekly, the world’s largest country music magazine. Kimes has been nominated four times for a Will Rogers Award and has won the award twice. For more on Royal Wade Kimes go to www.royalwadekimes.com Buckaroo Hatters located in Covington, Tennessee is the nation’s premiere hat maker, owned and operated by Mike Moore. They are a custom hat maker and use only the highest quality materials in their hats. They have a secret coveted treatment used in every hat they make, which sets them apart from all other hatters. For more on Buckaroo Hatters go to www.buckaroohatters.com

Larry Holden

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‘Gentleman Outlaw’ Royal Wade Kimes and Buckaroo Hatters Sign Full Endorsement


Announcing a first ever JUNE Trail RIDE!

Mount Royal Trail Ride June 21st.
Arrive the 20th and spend the 21st and 22nd in the beautiful mountains of the Ozarks.
Ride led by “The Gentleman Outlaw” Royal Wade Kimes.
Call 615-351-3167 for details.


The Gentleman Outlaw Royal Wade Kimes has been nominated by the Academy of  Western Artists (AWA) for the Will Rogers Award.  The esteemed category is for the Most Outstanding Male Performer in Western Music.

Royal Wade and his Packing Iron Posse band perform for diverse audiences across the country such as Colleges, Performing Arts and Theater venues.  He has introduced The Gentleman Outlaw Brand of Western Music to the critical masses around the world through cable network and other media outlets, and with his last CD release, “A Proud Land”, endorsements and sponsors have clambered aboard.

The AWA Awards Show will be held in Irving, Texas March 29th, 2014 at the Sheraton Hotel in the Grand Ball Room.

Royal Wade Kimes has written platinum and gold records, and has numerous number one songs to his credit.  He is one of a chosen few to record a duet with Garth Brooks, the western love song “Night Birds.”  He has graced the cover of the famed True West Magazine, Equine World, and Horsemen’s Roundup.

 Royal Wade has produced and directed award winning projects in film and music depicting the West.  Known as a prolific songwriter, he is also a published western author in audio and print.  For more about Royal Wade Kimes go to http://www.royalwadekimes.com/.


Larry Holden


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